by Spectre

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    Beeple made the artwork. This guy is insane check him out at
    Recorded and Mixed by yours truly
    using a Line 6 UX2 and Macbook Pro 2010.

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My first EP of many.


released June 13, 2014

Beeple made the artwork. This guy is fucking insane check him out at

Recorded and Mixed by yours truly



all rights reserved


Spectre Greeley, Colorado

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Track Name: Nihilism
Nihilism is the simple notion that has the bleakest of honesty.
The only thing you can know for certain is that nothing is a fact, life is interpreted.

I know this isn't living, but there is no lies where I come from.

Fiction is comforting when you present it in the right context.
But I know, that one day I can stop this feeling of defeat.

We're one in the same, but if I die in pain I won't ask for help if I don't believe, this hypocrisy.

But one day it'll go away, this fantasy you all believe. All the variants of faith that don't really mean anything. All the contradictory beliefs, all the men that oppress me. Zarathustra was right to think nihilism is the only thing.

Leaders are incompetent, determination leads the way towards finding the truth. But here I am to give you the new message of the world.

There is nothing after death.
Track Name: Ganesh
There is a lighthouse and its rays illuminate a path home.
Protector, liberator, Ganesh rotates time.

But there's hope in the light of the new ways.
Follow me down south you know we're bound to get home.(x2)

The sun, clear and methodical, opens up and soon falls a madman.
There is a god-man; diluted ancient mess.
He does his work that no one can suppress.
Serenity in death, he knows which method is best.
The rate at which men fall.
Natural disaster, thinks he's a master.
The veil of maya is kept firmly down.

There's more to life.
And i know you can't stop but i question why you ever started this hell.
There's more to death.
You can't know that forsure but one day you'll find out I promise you that.

My lord

Life is subject to perception cannot be defined but is to be experienced.
Track Name: Being.2
Watch this world pushed against the realms of perpetual existence.
This is a realm of new integrations.
A consequence of life and matter in forming, in orbit again and again.
Gatherings and polarizations to give an illusion of consciousness.
I know your mind can't stand it, the constant urge, the hope that someday it will all stop.
But it will not stop. It will never stop. No it will not stop. It will never stop.
Until your time in this realm is gone onto the unfortunate.
The only ones in this place that will know peace are the ones who can erase the knowledge of being, being a being.
So let yourself be one, one of those, those who don't know. (x2)
Because a life like this isn't worth living, and so soon you'll know why the dead will never want to comeback.
There are blessings in this world we've yet to know.
There are blessings we've yet to know.
Track Name: Tardis (Trust Me, I'm The Doctor)
Let's be brave together, because I've learned that I can't do it alone.
Let's travel space together, because a journey can't be done alone.
I've lived countless ages and seen very wonderful things, but no matter how far I go suffering always follows me.
And I will make it up to you I swear, with every inch of me I swear.
I'm so sorry, for everything I've caused; every mistake I've made; every life that's been lost at my hands; there are too many to count. And with a duplicate heart, I feel remorse like no one else.
And as I grow old I never get weary of healing.
And being the protector of the stars.

I can see you running here today
(I'll be coming yesterday for you) x2
Track Name: Wildheart
Poison them; let it stimulate your wicked friends.
They don't deserve a life of peace and are all just better off dead.
Make the end.
And pretend that you have power over them.
Don't you see what you have in your chest is nothing but a bile infested mess.
Moving south to the bastard county.
Making life harder for the empty.
These are my sins and I'll share them with you.
Meet me halfway and don't let me fall into my ennui.

Breaths falling short.
I can't stand I'm alone and life is feeding off me.
Distractions are all around you.
And while you watch the ugly truth surface to the public eye you can't hold the urges in. (x2)

A tragedy ensues, soon a trial will follow.
And your peers will determine your fate that's just the way the judicial system is set.

All rise for the man in the black dress

It is pathetic, such an archaic way of thinking.
All monsters are human, all men are beasts. (x2)

What drives a wildheart? (x2)
The urge to beat and feel alive (x2)